WHY: From us moms behind MOMnumental LLC, our dream is to provide a meaningful way to support and celebrate millions of AMAZING moms and fur mamas out there. Yes, you know who they are because most likely you are ONE of them. Those who plan for her kiddos' birthday parties every. single. year. Those who pick out gifts for "the family" for all occasions. Those who chauffeur her kids back and forth from schools, after-school programs, swim classes, soccer games etc. JOIN our club FOR FREE now and send them and/or you a high-five with our FREE greeting card perk (sent anywhere in the U.S.)

HOW: You don't have to give up your first born to sign up (though as tempting as it may be, at times :) All we need is your name, email address and your birth day and month and hit the JOIN button below to sign up.

WHAT'S NEXT: Once you are in the club, you'll earn 50 points, redeemable for various SELF-CARE & MINDFULNESS goodies at our shop. CHECK YOUR E-MAIL within 24 hours of signing for details on how to redeem your points.

HOW TO EARN MORE POINTS: Here are even more ways to earn points redeemable for many more free self-care surprises to come:

* Spread the word and when each of your girl friends sign up, you'll both earn 50 points.

* Follow us on Instagram @MOMnumental for 50 more points.

* Write us a review on MOMnumental.com/shop for 100 points.



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